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in overtime... kyle williams on the punt return... stripped and fumbles deep in niners . >>> niners and giants played a classic. kyle williams onto punt return stripped and fumbles in niner territory. a 31 field goal. the giants will face new england in super bowl. coverage offer the news. >> endless entertainment. it's endless fun to do. >> you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> low snap, the kick is good. the giants are going back to the super bowl. >> bad play calling. >> the niners will not be heading to the super bowl. the team lost to the giants in sudden death overtime. >>> good evening. lot of sad niner fans after going 13-3 in the regular season. the niners lost in sudden death overtime to the giants tonight. ken batista is inside candlestick with reaction from fans at the end of the game. >> reporter: yeah. you know the weather out here pretty much matches the mood of a lot of fans. all round the bay area northern california, this was the year, this was the year that they were really coming on strong. nothing could stop them, until they walked int
check out the fourth quarter. just over 4:00 to go. saints at the niners 44. brees to sproles. you knew he would bust out. makes one man miss, for the chowb. 24-23. but alex responds. after the pass to davis, keeps it himself on third and eight bootleg. two-point conversion fails, 29- 24 rayners. willis and smith, they get the two-point conversion and lead 32-29. game over? not even close. alex smith to davis. 47-yard completion before he is finally taken down, and here is the sequel to the catch. could have gone for a field goal. instead, smith to vernon davis. caught it in dramatic fashion. niners win 36-32. advancing to the nfc title game. here's coach harbaugh after the game. >> i know there was the catch. i don't know what you're going to call this one. the throw and catch. it was great play by vernon davis and alex smith. vernon was huge today in this ball game. but it was a great team effort. great team victory. >> the main part of the play was vernon post. >> yeah! >> and we told alex, let's go to vernon here. it's either vernon or nobody. >> mike: the packers and giants pl
are the numbers. down by a field goal, so niners down by 3 right now. 70,000 fans at the stick, 25% inside and outside of the stadium, very clear 49er fever is in full effect. fire up the grill. break out the blanket. >> whew, it's cold out here today! niners! >> reporter: and whip up a drink with crore gas-powered blender. for these fans-- >> so what, it's just water, it dries off! >> reporter: a little rain only stokes niners fever. >> we come for rain, sleet, snow, no matter what we come up with the championship game! >> reporter: not everyone had tickets. deanna ramirez came for the experience. >> i decided to jump in the car this morning and be part of the crowd, be part of this historic moment. >> reporter: a one-man tailgate living out a childhood dream. >> it's been a long time coming. glad to be here. >> reporter: then there are those who made the journey from the land of giants. >> flew all the way out from the east coast and we're here for the game! gotham city all the way! we love you, san francisco, but you're going home today! >> reporter: police say it's possible they will n
>> the niner pull off an amazing win. and the "occupy" movement heats up in o >> go niners! >> let's go niners! >> playoff fever spread after the nines has the saints marching back home. we'll get to the lead story in a minute. first, developing news on the peninsula. all three eastbound lanes of the san mateo bridge have been shut down because of an accident involving three cars. the crash happened half hour ago. one car flipped over. the chp says three to four people have been hurt and all the injuries appear to be mine you're and happen to have the bridge re-opened by 11:0. >> now the lead story. the 49ers advance to nfc championship tonight after a slugfest at candlestick park. mike shumann was at the game and the nines were impressive. >> mike: it wasn't believable. i played in a number of playoff games but this game was one or the ages. jim harbaugh's time jumps out the lead. but in the fourth quarter, four minutes to go bro brees to sproles and the saints take the lead. but alex smith responds. on the bootleg, third and april. stays inbounds, he'll score. saints turn. pres b
them ahead. they went for two points but did not make it. it's 29-24. niners took the lead but the saints made it 17-14 at the half. it is so exciting here. this placees rocking. i'm surprised candle stick has held up. it's 29-24, under 2:00 to go. the 49ers. we'll have highlights in sports. >> alan: sergio covered the hype and circumstance before and after the game. he is live outside the stadium. sergio? >> reporter: i had the fun assignment of hanging around with fans, with huge smiles. it will be interesting to see how they come out of the stadium. this has been a jubilant and safe experience. >> niners, winners! >> in this matchup between the 49ers and the saints, mj's brass boppers blew their bayou spirit to this sea of bay city tailgate es. >> got to support the team. san francisco fans, all fans. >> loving it. >> we loving it. >> this is a playoff game so beef is on the pregame men our for this niners fan. >> cook something stakes here -- steaks here and the 49ers are going to win. >> and a simmering stew is a special from mexico. >> in this first nfl playoff game f
the grill. bring out the blankets. >> whew, it's cold out here today! niners! >> reporter: and whip up a drink with our gas-powered blender. for these fans? >> it's just water. it dries off. >> reporter: a little rain only stokes niners fever. >> we come through rain, sleet, snow, no matter what we come off with the championship game, baby! >> reporter: not all of them have tickets. deanna ramirez came for the experience, not even seeing the inside of the stadium today. >> i just want to be part of the crowd, part of the historic tailgate. >> reporter: living out a childhood dream. >> it's been a long time coming. i'm just glad to be here. >> reporter: then there are those who made the journey from the land of giants. >> we flew all the way out from the east coast and we're here for the game. we love you, san francisco, but you're going home after today! >> reporter: san francisco police say it's possible they need extra protection. there are 25% more cops patrolling this game, some undercover. >> quite a number of officers in giants fan attire. >> reporter: they are handing out inform
death overtime. a lot of sad 49ers fans tonight. a botched punt return in overtime cost the niner as chance to play in the super bowl. inside candlestick park with reaction from fans at the end of this very intense game. >> reporter: yeah, hi ann. a tough day out here for 49er fans, the weather kind of matching the mood. it was like this all day long. it was soggy, it was ugly. then the ending came that just crushed 49er fans, a very, very tough loss to a very, very good season. you could tell it was going to be a lousy day. it was muddy, cold, and windy. as the game wore on, you could see some worried looks. as the giants and niners battled back and forth, police say the crowds huddled against the wind and rain. and for the most part, behaved themselves. then it came down to this. overtime, and the giants shot to win it all. niners fans held their breath. and then, just like that, it was over. game, season, and a shot at the super bowl. >> i'm very sad. but we played a great season. we'll get them next year. go niners. >> we got robbed. we were robbed. man, we should have got so
dwyer. 49er fans are celebrating because they found out today the niners will be playing at home next sunday. it will be the first nfc title game at candle stick since 1998. kimberly is in santa clara but first to jim of comcast with highlights from the game between the packers and giants and what new york players are saying about coming to san francisco. >> so, while not many expected it is going to happen. the 49ers will host the giants in the nfc championship game next sunday. how did it get to be that way? we found out today in green bay. the packers have the best regular season record of the nfl this year, but these are the playoffs. the giants who had to win on the final day of the season to get in to the playoffs went to lambeau field and stunned the defending super bowl championships 37-20 and now eli and company will make their second trip out west this year and take on the 49ers in the nfc championship game on sunday. >> we're always confident going in to a game. we know that it doesn't matter what happens in the regular season. we have been through games where we
. fans cheer, jump for joy at hog and i went for the 40 niners are men and, to spot in the nfc championship game where they will play the winner of tomorrow's giants packers game. >> is one of the greatest games in 40 niner history and one of the greatest games in nfl playoff history. part of the reason it's so magical is because the beginning of the year that when expected the 40 niners to be in this position. words were blasting and people were out in the streets and it was reminiscent a few years ago when dwight jones made the catch. our block knocking in the pregame jitters out of alex smith. less than two minutes left, dru brees to jamaica rant, 66-yard touchdown and the saints are in front. but smith would get san francisco right back on the field. he had vernon davis for the game-winning touchdown. they beat the saints 36-32 and move on to the nfc championship game. >> if it wasn't for alex, i wouldn't have made the play. >> he's been through so much here. so many people on his back, and he was able to take us down with the minute left. >> , after there was too big touch
the weather. we're confident the niners are going to play well, and the weather is certainly not going to stop them. >> shortly after the parking lots opened, the skies opened up. the city crews were on stand by to make sure the lots didn't turn into lakes. when san francisco police patrolled the lot with officers in uniform and dressed as giant fans in a sting operation to prevent abusive behavior. >> how has the reception been here? >> i'm a cop. >> we respect them as opponents, but i -- we're here to win. a business trip, we're going 1-0. >> some niner fans were having none of it. >> how many rings you got. >> how many rings? >> four. hold on, hold on. >> let me remind you. we'll be right there, baby. we'll be right there. >> for the most part there was peaceful co-existens. there is a kinder, gentler rivalry between this san francisco couple. dan is a niners fan, his wife is from new york. >> dissed me when i first moved to san francisco, he said it's okay to cheer for the giants. >> i said she could keep her team, even the really we're a niners family. >> no! >> we'll see. they're going t
critical plays. many picked the giants to beat the niners. the niners almost made them eat their words but came up short. now that the giants are heading to super bowl xlvi, the 49ers clean out their lockers and look forward to next season. >> they were wet and they were weary and they were probably disappointed at the end. the 49ers were terrible in third down situation. they did not throw the ball well. fans may remember one person in the loss to the giants. they are one victory away from san francisco's first super bowl since 95. niners start the night with a lightning strike. vernon davis races down the sidelines. davis scored twice tonight. punt returner gets too close to the bouncing ball. it actually hits him. at the 49ers 29-yard line. quarterback eli manning makes them play. mario to manning ham, giants take the lead 24-14. niners are able to tie the game and force overtime. they're about to get the ball but guess what, it's kyle williams again. it's deep in 49ers territory once again. williams will remember this night forever. pynes sends the crowd home, giants go on to play
and not just for cash. the author is out there for people with tickets to this sunday's 40 niners game. >> and 20 years in the making, the norwest are pointed in new york state. >> and backstabbing seems to be beneficial to the body. how cowardly searchers say gossip can be good for you. hours of going on sale this morning. one lucky couple scored four free tickets. tickets to this sunday's nfc championship game sold out within three hours of going on sale this morning. one lucky couples work for free tickets. that was the second-best thing to happen to them this week. vince and michelle we're supposed to be at saturday's playoff game between the 40 niners and the saints but instead they watched it at the hospital where she was in labor. >> we were watching it while i was in labor. it kept my mind off of things because i was in so much pain, it was the great focal point for me. >> the son was born after the 40 niners won the game but that's not the end of the story. michelle heard about gay better contest with the fan for the best reason he or she should attend. they sent in their stor
,000 people who are here, but we found a number of niner fans who were not kind to their visitors from the east. [cheering] >> niner fans waited nine years for this moment and they came ready with anything they thought would bring victory. >> got this right here. got manning right there. going to be a good day. >> it was party time outside candlestick, despite a cold ran. fans did it up big yiernlg hauling out stoves and wood-fired barbecues and tvs to keep an eye on the afc games and say the rains did not bother them at all. >> not a bit. the best fans in the world, and going to be great day. >> we waited 14 years for this. this is our time. this is our house. this is the 49ers house. >> this was not the warmest place for new york giants fans to wear their blue. [shouting] >> the san francisco police officers who were not patrolling in uniform were undercover, some wearing giants blue to catch abusive fans. police were on the lookout for counterfeit tickets and unlicensed nfl merchandise. officers stopped this man and pulled shirt after shirt out of his jacket. >> getting towards the
. it will be the niners. >> yes. have a safe trip to ha. jeans. >> it's been awhile but financially rain is falling in the bay area and morris on the way. good evening. >> let's head right to sandy for look terrain totalled and the next big storm heading our way. >>reporter: yes. we have had anywhere from few hundredths to an inch of rape in the wet east north bay location. let's look at the doppler. you will see white is raining right now. starting to taper off. pan around the bay area here. you see around novato we see very light showers out to american canyon. san francisco south san francisco daly city area we still get rainfall at this point and in the sierra nevada this is all turning to snow believe it or no chain control on 80, 50, 88 and 4 but you can see that the snow is winding down. more snow on the way for the sierra nevada the sd another storm, stronger storm on the way for the bay area. it comes in tomorrow i'll let you know exactly when. it will bring heavy rain and wind and we are not done with the storms yet. third one to follow. >> okay thanks very much. >> preparation
the new orleans saints in a thriller yesterday. here is synopsis. after a lead, niners trailed 32-29 about a minute 37 left in the game. with nine seconds left. alex smith hits vernon davis for a 14-yard touchdown to give 49ers one of most dramatic wins in the franchise history. >> right now, it feels like the best. it really does. like i said before, i can't recall a win like this in spectacular fashion. and a great team win. live or die. we live. we move on and we move on in spectacular fashion. >>> today the 49ers will find out who they will play one week from today. if the packers beat new york the niners will be in green bay, if the giants they will host the giants at candlestick park. >>> niners' fans have waited a long time for a postseason victory. lilian kim was at candlestick pick when they poured out stadium after the game. >> alicia white left candlestick in tears. >> they won! i thought we were losing. >> still, this ticket holder of 49 years is very happy. >> after nine years of not making the playoffs, this is right up with the catch. >> fans felt pretty confident most of th
to the giants. they are one victory away from san francisco's first super bowl since 95. niners start the night with a lightning strike. vernon davis races down the sidelines. davis scored twice tonight. punt returner gets too close to the bouncing ball. it actually hits him. at the 49ers 29-yard line. quarterback eli manning makes them play. mario to manning ham, giants take the lead 24-14. niners are able to tie the game and force overtime. they're about to get the ball but guess what, it's kyle williams again. it's deep in 49ers territory once again. williams will remember this night forever. pynes sends the crowd home, giants go on to play new england in super bowl xlvi. ouch, joe fonzi was at the game and in the locker room afterward. i'm sure they're trying to tell the players a 14-6 season is something to celebrate. it's pretty difficult to tell them right now. >> reporter: i agree with you. the way the 49ers won games all yearlong was the way they lost tonight. they led the league in turnover differentials. they forced four turnovers last week. and it's turnovers that killed them today.
way for a 14-year-old boy accused of two sex crimes in the east bay. >>> and niners strike gold. the 49ers are heading back to the nfc championship. mornings on 2 starts now. >>> good morning, and welcome to mornings on 2 on this sunday, january 15th i'm maureen naylor claudine wong is off today. >> i'm mike mibach. all of you niner fans waking up with smiles on your faces. you may want to snow it's a bit chilly outside. let's get rosemary. >> reporter: it's going to be cool anburies city for your afternoon. through the delta the -- areas around the bay area a few degrees warmer. patchy dense fog around santa rosa. it will take a little while for it to burn off. in through the afternoon 50s at best. it's definitely going to be a different day than what we saw on sat. and then into the extended forecast looks like rain still on tap for midweek wednesday. we have a few storms that are lined up and ready to bring us rain. we'll show you those models coming up in a little bit. back to you. >>> in the last two hours we have learned that two firefighters have been injured and seven pe
is there. good morning, frank. >> reporter: it is, good morning to you. let hope the niners have a better day than mitt romny did, yesterday, no fans at the stadium, because they can't tail gate until 11:30. four hours before game time. the game starts at 3:30. standle stick, a little quiet, they are one game away from the superbowl. there are fans here, come on down. there are fans here. hey, guys -- . >>> 49ers >> 49ers, onto the superbowl. >> this is tony ramirez, two die hard fans from monterrey, this guy has a tattoo, niners for life. when did you get the tattoo? >> four years ago. >> >> reporter: what time did you guys get here this morning? >> 6:30 am. >> you were not the first truck in line were you? >> no, we were not. >> reporter: this guy has been here since 9:00 in front of you. how pumped are you? >> i couldn't sleep last night. i was so excited. >> you have to get in line to get into tailgating, we want to be the first in there to get a good spot in the parking lot. >> reporter: absolutely, have you started to party maybe a little bit already? >> no. >> what about the game i
and a big niner fan. >> yes. my grandfather used to take us. >> we want to thank the animal hospital that brought us up here, but we will dazzle the fans with air bud's ability. >> football is probably one of his favorites. every professional sports event air bud is at the home team win. could be a good luck charm. >> ready for the football? let's get the ball wiped clean. all right. >> kevin dechico here run as post pattern. here is air bud. will he get it? >> ladies and gentlemen, what is his percentage? >> it depends on the accuracy of the quarterback. usually infallible. rain, sleet, snow, air bud is here to play and here to support the niners. go niners. >> does he have a good or that contest? >> all his equipment is dog friendly but he can crush a golf ball flat in ten seconds. he is very strong too. >> he is performing pre-game. that is air bud and 80% of the time? >> 90% of the time he appears in sporting events that team wins. >> i predict the niners win. >> i can't notice behind you the cars and trucks and everybody is starting to roll in. it seems like it was a pretty stea
the die-hard fans. >> i am caption niner >>vicki: and the kron 4 news at 11:00 p.m. starts now. (male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. >>vicki: that developing story is out of oakland with 100 occupy oakland are holding an anti-police protesters. with several arrests, a live report coming up with our news crew on the scene >>vicki: the san francisco 49ers have a victory! it is their first playoff since 20 02. gary radnick and vern glenn. >>gary: i think they call it an instant classic. they're on to the nfc championship. harbough is what he does. to get them ready, opening it drives although 49 defense. the great saints defense. turnovers and pierre thomas of the game with smith to crabtree. and you knew that through breez is not going to let it sleep. he is a former charger in the have the advantage at 24-23. here is smith. this place was the q b 9 are ground to the left side. after the failed to point conversion. up by five. 45 8 yds! the accuracy! and jimmy graham is going all the way. to have to go 85 yds so this man can breed again. and ha
>> in the knows this sunday morning, january 15th. the niners find out who they will play in the championship game next weekend after yesterday's unbelievable win over the saints. and protesters held another anti-police march in downtown oakland last night but it remained peaceful despite two arrests. >> good morning, 27 in santa rosa with fog. 47 in the city. much cooler and breezy for everyone today. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. breaking news in san francisco's richmond district where firefighters have been battling a house fire since 2:30 this morning. when they first arrived at 42nd avenue on balance bowa street firefighters reported seeing flames shooting out of a second story window. there is no word yet on any injuries as fire crews are still busy trying to get this under control. you can see just how fast this fire is burning. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> this morning 49'ers fans are waking up celebrating. the team is now just one win away from going back to the super bowl f
that . >> he throws! vernon davis for a niners touchdown! [ cheers & applause ] >>> well, the niners steal it with just 9 seconds left, a playoff win for the record books. >>> and you're looking at a scene out of titanic, what caused this cruise ship disaster, and frantic stories of survival. >>> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. can you believe it, the niners are just one win away from the super bowl! she beat the saints today at candlestick, a playoff game that came down to the final few seconds. dennis o'donnell is here with highlights. >>> one of the greatest games in 49er history and nfl playoff history. you had to see it to believe it. reminiscent of the game 30 years ago when dwight clark made the catch. today, vernon davis made one of his own. jim harbaugh knocking the pregame jitters out of alex smith. let's go straight to the fourth quarter, 49ers up, less than 2 minutes left. graham, 66-yard touchdown, putting the saints in front. smith would get san francisco right back down the field. then with 9 seconds left, back to pass, vernon davis, game-winning touchdo
! >> who dat? >> go niners! >> go niners? >> reporter: for 49er fans hanging out at pete's tavern, saturday's game is no laughinger. >> we about to win. i do not care about who dat? who dat don't mean nothing to me. >> reporter: george melendez, and ray and mary gonzalez -- >> niners, niners all the way. >> reporter: -- are all lifelong 49er fans. >> how long have you been a fan? >> since 1946. >> reporter: that's the very beginning, right? >> right. >> reporter: he's our stadium. >> he. >> who dat that means highway 101, san francisco airport, back to new orleans. that's how i look at it. you are going home. >> reporter: but now the before the two teams square off saturday. >> we're not expecting anybody else to win because we're here in san francisco, you know we're going on win no matter what. >> and the saints win. >> reporter: the saints have won their last six games over the 49ers, including this "monday night football" game played last season. >> i believe the niners have to push through drew brees and if they can hold drew brees and not chase the saints for points they can beat them
and tells us what is next for the niners. >> reporter: with two minutes left the three-yard pickup secured the second seed in nfc. the 49eres were not in a celebratory mood. >> went from not even going back in the game to games on the line and it's one-possession game and we've got to close it out. >> they gave us their best shot. they wanted to knock us off. we're a hot team now. so we've got to expect that. >> expectations have changed for the 13-3 49ers. allowing an opponent's offense seven days with more than 20 yards or defense to get to smith three times cannot be allowed in the postseason. >> the playoff, we're going to have to ut aboput that together both sides of the ball. especially special team. when you talk about offense, defense, that third part of the equation counts a lot. >> that's the heart of a champion. you have to have another mind-set moving forward into the playoffs. this is the biggest stage of our lives right here. this is big. this is big time here. >> reporter: alex smith doesn't know if he'll focus on both defenses of the poe sengs tetep. first and foremost for
'll take the tickets. >>reporter: and less than a week away from the big game. niner fever is at full blast. week away from the big game. niner fever is at full blast. news at 9:00 i want a baby. a baby? but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska. and go spelunking with the guys. yeah, i said it-- spelunking. [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots. come on. it's pretty awesome. okay. just a few things we need to do first. [ laughs ] [ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> wick peedia may blacked out for all wednesday to protest 2 pieces of legislation that would regulate the internet
morning, january 15th. the niners find out who they will play in the championship game next weekend after yesterday's unbelievable win over the saints. and protesters held another anti-police march in downtown oakland last night but it remained peaceful despite two arrests. >> good morning. we are in the middle of a holiday weekend. we are going to see some big changes today and even beggar changes by the middle of the week. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. developing news in san francisco's richmond district. this morning firefighters have been battling a house fire since 2:30 this morning. take a look at these flames. when they first arrived at 42nd avenue and balboa street, fire crews reported seeing flames shooting out of a second story window. there is no word yet on any injuries as fire crews are still busy trying to get this under control. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> this morning 49'ers fans are waking up celebrating. the team is now just one win away from going back to the super bowl for
's stunning victory saturday, now headed to the nfc championship, niners gear flying off the shelves. how much? we've got that coming up. >>> and massive fire at a california oil refinery. the news at 11:00 starts now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelly. he is armed, dangerous arc excused of two violent sexual assaults. most shocking of all here, the kid's only 14 years old. right now a manhunt under way all observe oakland for a boy accuse odd terrorizing at least two women over the course of a week. nbc bay aerrea's bobry dil rryb unusual search. >> reporter: they have the identity of the sexual assault suspect and they are going to release his name, despite the fact he's only 14. they tell us his name is brionn glasper, a young man accused of sexually assaulting two women twice his age. we'll put a map up on the screen so you get an idea where salts took place. the last one this past thursday. it was at 11th street between 980 and mlk. ten days ago, the first assault on market street. in both incidents glasper approached the 28-year-old w
. you know its been a decade and niners have been waiting all this time to get back in to the championship. now that it's going to happen on sunday you will notice believe what some people will do to get tickets. >> takes a snap. post and it's -- touchdown! touchdown! >> reporter: scoring a ticket to the game is harder than a 49er touchdown. at least the fans want to pay for them at face value. 109 to $385 each. official tickets for sale on line were gone in seconds. >> only two left. got -- i will take them. >> reporter: it was twitter frenzy for dan. he offered four tickets for sale on social media sites. sold in ten minutes. >> pretty darn quick. i had trouble keeping up with the responses. especially on twitter. >> reporter: fans willing to give up rent money, they brought in $2,300. >> i couldn't believe it. people had that money to do it. the two i did today paid cash. >> reporter: stub hub has them for sale and guarantees they aren't fake there. are thousands of seats available, starting price, $365. >> the highest i have seen listed was $10,000. >> repor
not expect to win this game. i got no voice left. it's game time, baby! >> niners fans found it hard to contain their emotions, especially during the last quarter. >> i am thrilled, i'm ecstatic, i'm having a great time. go, niners! whoo! >> the celebrating got out of hand for some. at candlestick park, san francisco police arrested 20 people for misdemeanors, including intoxication, battery and resisting officers. not a huge number considering the sold-out crowd of 69,000, a massive sea of red. shawn downey was one of the few saints fans who came all the way to san francisco to see the game. he is taking his team's loss in stride. >> it was a wonderful, wonderful game. it sucks we lost. we're not happy about losing, but at the same time, this is what the playoffs is. >> at the nfl shop at pier 39, the excitement of the niners first playoff game in nine years is evident. the store is almost out of its stock of 49ers gear. >> a lot of jerseys where a lot of the older players. steve young jerseys, a lot of throwback players. as of right now, vernon davis is a really hot item. >> super
has playoff fever? wait until you hear how fast niner tickets were snatched up. >> there is a how you can help this swured dog get back to the road to >>> san francisco spca is asking for money to pay for medical kofs costs of a severely injured dog. he disappeared from a home last year. and eight months later someone dropped him off inside of a crate. he was in bad condition and his owner didn't recognize him. he suffered from infection that's made him lose his teeth and an eye he was happy to see he was alive but ways heart broken and distraught. in the condition he was in. >> a veterinarian say he is recovering well and they don't think he was beaten or abused just neglected. >> and this will not come as a shock but 49er as announced the championship game is sold out. and fans snapped up whatever tickets were left today. season ticket holders had opportunities to buy tickets this morning and sold remaining tickets at 1:00 this afternoon z they just disappeared almost instantly. >> san francisco police plan to boost their usual presence for sunday's playoff showdown between 49ers an
alarms. >>> the niners haven't been in this position in almost 14 years. there's one player that suffered the longest. brian jennings 12 long seasons with the 49ers, but his time is now. we bring in jamie sires. i believe this is a guy that does yoga to stay in shape, right? >> reporter: yeah, he's a well rounded player. he does yoga. he's very consistent. that's what the 49ers like about him. he flies under the radar, and that suits him just fine. he was drafted in the year 2000, he's the only remaining link from the 2002 playoff team. >> it's been a great journey. it's an honor to be a 49er for this amount of time. it's my goal every week to snap the ball to my best ability. playoffs, everyone's working as hard as they can, to do the best job they can do. and we're winning a lot of games. >> play on the field is second to none. i can always count on him to snap the ball where i want it, where i need it. i never have to worry about anything he's doing. that makes my job easier. and making my job easier, of course, i'm going to love him. he's a great, great guy. >> reporter: i also asked
in the bay area, with the niners in the nfc championship game. expect a lot of spending and betting going on all over the place. the 49ers and the nfc championship game means dollar signs. there's money to be won here. >> america loves to wager on football. >> reporter: jay runs the sports book at the las vegas hotel and casino. this sunday, he expects fans to make five-figure bets on all of the teams playing. some may wager up to $50,000 on one game. and the total amount wagered is a pretty good chunk of change. >> there's probably around $30 million to $40 million wagered on this game. >> reporter: and speaking of money, fans are forking out the greenbacks for merchandise. >> if there's a label, it's selling. anything they can get their hands on. jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hat, it's going. >> with the record that the niners have, it wasn't prompting me to get some gear. but now, with the record, i'm here. >> my son is a 6-year-old die-hard. and i told him, when the niners win, we're going. >> reporter: and making money off the niners game is as american as apple pie. san francisco
is good. the saints up 32-29. the final seconds, the niners in field-goal range and go for the w. there is vernon davis. the the game-winning 14-yard touchdown. seven touches, 180 yards and two scores for him. the niners beat the saints, 36- 32 and vernon davis was not going to be denied. >> and that was us against history, i say to my. us against no, us against can't, all of those things and we managed to pull it off. i mean it was a very emotional game. very stressful for me and my teammates, especially the defense on that last play. i knew right away i had to be a factor and help out. >>> time for a quick break. when we return, they look to flip the script against the sixers.  . >> nothing seems to be working for the wizards. no one stepped up and the same old selfish basketball means the same old story. another night of frustration for the youth movement wizards. early in the first half, tonight, playing the 76ers and young off to a good start. off of the dribble and the jumper. ten first-quarter points and finished with a season game high 27. the wiz
. >> whose got it better than us? >> nobody. >> alan: 49er fans come out in force to see who the niners will face in the quest for the super bowl title. and a mix of sun and clouds. leigh glaser says we may need umbrellas this week. the forecast is coming up. i'm right here and keeps ca >> the first family celebrated dr. king king's birth kay at a morning worship, president barack obama, his wife and two daughters attended zion national church. and wreaths were placed at the king memorial in the nation's capital. martin luther kingmartin luther king iii spoke during the memorial. >> the mlk holiday is a national day of service with many people volunteering their time to help others. in richmond the east bay lions club is sponsoring a neighborhood revitalization project. volunteers will work on six homes. volunteer activities will be held tomorrow in san francisco and san jose. >> monday's holiday will mean some schedule changes as well and closures. federal offices and state courts will be closed as well as banks and
for 49er fans. no question who they were rooting for today. for one day, niner fans became new york giants fans. next week for the championship game to be played at candlestick park, the giants had to beat the packers. nine are fans got their fish. the giants soundly beat the packers and the niners fans are happy this team will have homefield advantage in the championship. we talked to people who went to the game yesterday, and they're eager to experience the playoff energy one more time. >> never been to a 49ers game like yesterday. just intensity. everybody wearing red. the game was the best game i've been to be worth going back to watch one more game. >> i would do it again and i would pay money just to watch the next game coming up. >> how much are you willing to pay? >> i don't know. i don't know. i mean, 300 maybe? >> got lightning in a bottle. san francisco giants a couple years ago, we just got -- just running on all cylinders. i like our chance. >> we did some perusing on craigslist and found tickets for as much as $2,000. it will no doubt by the hottest ticket in town. the
, and the niners took care of the rams and snagged the second seed in the nfc >> in new york city this morning, 68 "occupy wall street" protesters were arrested after trying to tear down barricades at the park. organizers claim there were 500 people at the park and they say protesters piled barricades in the center of the park and stood on them, chanting and singing. >> occupiers plan to put their open float in tomorrow's rose parade. the float won't look like these. the organize errs say activists plan to carry a 70-foot long puppet made of recycled bags. you can see the rose parade, see what happens tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right here on abc-7. >> to some people, 2012 brings wishes of better things to come. to others they believe it's a mayan prophecy that it's the end of the world. >> basically saying the deity appears on december 21 of 2012, and he descended, and he performs a ritual -- >> there's no prophecy that says this is the end of the world. not in the mayan ruins, anyway. >> we have been here before. y2k was the end of everything, and christian radio's host said the world would end last y
head east. offering an oasis for niner fans. >> and a convicted killer breaking bread with grandma? it's a possibility. where inmates are ending up. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> >> it's been a good couple of years. we have seen 1 inch of rain today alone in san francisco. 4 inches and the santa cruz mountains. if there's any light at the end of the tunnel, santa rosa on the backside of the front. this you have the front just stretched across rio vista, across portions of the east bay, zoom on in there. you see even alamo getting moderate to heavy rain. drifting into the south bay, san jose with hefty rain fall as well. and a golden gate bridge is saturated with rain fall. this is storm number two, we have storm number three slated for sunday. the effect it will have on the 49 r game. >> all right, thanks roberta. the fans are hoping the rain and sloppy field conditions will slow down quarterback, eli manning. speaking of the weather, eli han under the weather with the stomach flu. david boss missed today's practice. the coach is doing everything to prevent the bug from spreading
the bay area. thank you for joining us. it was a thrilling overtime game but the niners came up short of making their first trip to the super bowl in 17 years. >> there are heavy hearts across the bay area. alex smith leaving candle stick this evening going to his home to be with his wife and 8-month-old baby and it's the sudden and bitter end for this team. >> we have live team coverage tonight. cheryl is at candle stick with a look at security and fans who found themselves the victim of a scam. >> monday city joining us in san francisco. this was a tough sunday night and monday morning for a lot of people in the bay area. >> that's right. not everyone was disappointed. we caught up with some giants fans that were overjoyed but the overwhelming feeling in the city tonight is one of heart break. [ cheering ] it was a game with its ups and downs when the 49ers lost in overtime to the giants at pete's tavern the disappointment was written on the faces of hundreds of niners fans who hoped their team would make it to the super bowl. >> niners should have won. that's all i'm going to say.
was also destroyed by the smoke and flames. cause of the fire is apparently accidental. >>> forty-niner fan is in critical condition tonight in georgia. new orleans saints fan shot him outside a restaurant. bullet grazed another nipper fan in the head after gunman opened fire in the parking lot of a restaurant near atlanta. one of the victims says the gunman objected to them rooting for the niners while they watched saturday play off game against the saints. police captured a suspect short time later. >> several events around bait area honor the life and legacy of martin luther king jr. hundreds boarded frame train at the station in downtown san jose this morning. this is the 28th year the ride has symbolized dr. king historic 54 mile march to alabama in 1965. p.m. volunteers planted tree along 31st avenue in oakland one of many community service projects today to honor dr. king. another group spent this holiday butt finding the garden at lick merritt. >> and protestors echo dr. king call to end economic injustice to organize occupy the dream rally. organizers targeted america 13
target vernon day, niners led at the halftime, but the saints led with less than four minutes in the game and 30 years after the catch, we get the run. alex smith races 28 yards and it's longest rushing touchdown by a quarterback in 49er's playoff histrism did you hear, that steve young? here comes brees, drew brees to jimmy graham. graham nobody stops him, 66 yards and new orleans leads 32- 29. 97 seconds left. smith to vernon davis and that is it. a 14-yard game-winning touchdown and vernon davis is in tears as the 49ers win 36- 32. they are one more victory away from reach the super bowl. the magical, mystery tour continues next sunday, but first the 49ers will have to watch tomorrow's game between the giants and packers game right here on fox at 1:30 p.m. if the giants win that game, the giants come to candlestick park and if the packers win, 49ers going to green bay. great game. >> it was incredible. >> thank you, fred. >>> well, the excitement and tension of today's game could be felt all across the bay area, but especially at the pub in san francisco. that is where ktvu deborah v
. thousands of fans set to take over candlestick park as the niners battle the giants in nfc championship game sunday. now we checked in with murph and mack in san francisco this morning. fans, of course, calling in, buzzing about the crucial game. the new york giants have never lost an nfc championship game but niners fans are confident. so are murph and mack. >> could be an x-factor with the 49 fan base concerning how much attention the new york giants are getting nationally and seemingly, how just little respect the 49ers are getting. i think the 49er fan have a chip on their shoulder going into sunday. >> san francisco international airport, sfo getting into the niners spirits. the international terminal lit up with 49 offeerers colors. >> real question is not if the 49 fans are going to get soaked, it's how wet are they going to get. meteorologist christina loren here to answer all of that. >> how conscious are they go to be while getting wet? i've been talking to a lot of fans out there. people concerned about there is forecast and it does look like it's going to rain almost the entire t
, we found quite a few devoted niners' fans from across the country who have made the trip to san francisco, including tom mccartle, who is from new york of all places of is he not worried about giant's fans giving them a hard time. >> i don't care what they say. [ laughter ] that is not my problem. they know who i am from day 1. >> reporter: of course giant's franz making their presence felt here. many of them will be cheering on their team within the friendly confines of ace's bar in san francisco. >> wet, dry, it's going to be a good game. both teams good defense, giants are hot and niners deserve to be here. gyns are going to win. >> reporter: field the candlestick has been covered a tarp to keep it as dry as possible, but fans are ready to get wet. the city says they will have work crews on hand at kentucky derby to candlestick park to deal with the rain. >> let's check many with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> heather we have been getting a better handle on the forecast for tomorrow's game. this is a weather system we're tracking for your sunday. you can see for at lea
francisco ncaa tomorrow. >> forty-niner fever intensif intensifies. how much it could cost you if you are trying to get tickets to the big game. >> then later on "nightline". >>> many coming up next on night inlook n.a tv exclusive one of presidential hopeful gingrich ex wives speaks out. questioning his morale fitness to be president sky plus mystery woman seen with captain of italy cruise ship the night mystery woman seen with captain of it[ male announcer ]e night if you like action movies... ♪ ...romance... ♪ ...documentaries... or whatever else, then you'll love netflix. netflix lets you watch unlimited movies and tv episodes over the internet on your pc or tv via game console or other devices. and best of all, it's instant. watch as many movies and tv episodes as you want for only 8 bucks a month. start your free trial today. >> and then there were 4. texas governor rick perry abruptly dropped out of the race for the republican presidential nomination today throwing his support behind newt gingrich happened hours before final debate before saturday south carolina primary and
to take advantage. niners had no turnovers on special teams. but two tonight cost them the game. this is the play that basically ended the season. 17-17 and he strips the ball and the giants recover. it lead to a giants score. the fieldew the 31-yard goal. giants end the season 20-17 the final. it was in overtime and they will face the patriots in super bowl 46. i can only imagine how stunned the for the 49er locker room was. >> shu, you were there. you know what it is like when you are a player and give everything you have and are exhausted at the finish and disappointed and depressed. and that's the way it was in the 49er locker room. it was a cold, dreary night and it ends, dreary fashion. i want to show you video of players coming off the field. poor kyle williams with the two turnovers. alex smith with joe staley walking off. the 49ers were shocked to see their season abruptly come to an end. >> it hurts right now, but it will hurt even worse tomorrow and the day after. it is pretty mu.. that's about it. >> very upset. very upset. we are definitely a super bowl team. we mad
. and new york mayor, michael bloomberg will set up their own little friendly wager. niners fever is heating up as they prepare to take on the new york giants. >>> des monday howard has been on cloud 9 since this. >> who has it better than us? nobody. >> for ever faithful since he was a kid, desmond was lucky enough to see the game, some are calling the best of all time in person. >> what's happening right now is very special to everybody, just because it brings out the kid in you and reminds you of the good times. it's our year. it's our year. >> if you thought those tickets were hard to come by, it's going to be tougher to snag a seat to watch the niners battle the new york giants on sunday. >> the anticipation is aging me. i can't wait for this game. >> instead, he is gearing up to buy the ticket to the ultimate game. >> it's tax time, i just got my w-2. i'm going to wait and get a picture of this one. if the niners win, i'm going to get a ticket to the super bowl. >> tickets officially go on sale at on wednesday at 10:00 a.m. for season ticketholders and 1:00 p.m
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